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jjensenii: South Park avatar (me, default, south park) (Default)
  • default,
  • me,
  • south park
Comment: South Park avatar
Description: South Park avatar
jjensenii: 12 Houses of Heaven (houses of heaven, divination, astrology)
  • astrology,
  • divination,
  • houses of heaven
Comment: 12 Houses of Heaven
Description: 12 Houses of Heaven
jjensenii: Development Folder (software development, programming)
  • programming,
  • software development
Comment: Development (from Matt's Icons on openclipart.org)
Description: Development Folder
jjensenii: Book and pen (book and pen, story, poetry)
  • book and pen,
  • poetry,
  • story
Comment: ryanlerch-Book-and-Pen from openclipart.org
Description: Book and pen
jjensenii: Elder sign by Waerloeg (elder sign)
  • elder sign
Comment: By Waerloeg - Own work, CC BY 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=3413736
Description: Elder sign by Waerloeg
jjensenii: Pentagram (magic, pentagram, magick)
  • magic,
  • magick,
  • pentagram
Comment: Pentagram
Description: Pentagram
jjensenii: Set of Platonic solids (rpg, roleplaying, dice, platonic solids)
  • dice,
  • platonic solids,
  • roleplaying,
  • rpg
Comment: Platonic solids by howlar (openclipart.org)
Description: Set of Platonic solids
jjensenii: Slide rule held by a hand (slide rule)
  • slide rule
Comment: Slide rule by Firkin (openclipart.org)
Description: Slide rule held by a hand
jjensenii: Two board game pieces and a die (board game)
  • board game
Comment: Ludo games by doctormo (openclipart.org)
Description: Two board game pieces and a die
jjensenii: The Thinker (thoughts, thinker, deep thought)
  • deep thought,
  • thinker,
  • thoughts
Comment: The Thinker by Auguste Rodin
Description: The Thinker
jjensenii: Triple Goddess Symbol (wicca, triple goddess, triple moon)
  • triple goddess,
  • triple moon,
  • wicca
Comment: Tripple Goddess Symbol
Description: Triple Goddess Symbol