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When John Michael Greer ([personal profile] ecosophia) mentioned a few months ago that he might be switching to either LiveJournal or Dreamwidth for more casual updates, I had to smile.

I've been following JMG at The Archdruid Report and The Well of Galabes (as well as a couple of other sites along the way) for several years. His wisdom and wit have been an immense help to me in working through several issues I've been facing in my own life. A few months back, he announced that he was leaving Blogger for another platform and floated the idea of using LiveJournal or Dreamwidth for casual updates alongside a primary Wordpress-driven blog.

What made me smile is that LiveJournal was the first social network I ever joined, and arguably the only one I've ever enjoyed. My old LJ is still up at  [livejournal.com profile] priestofmemory, though most of the content has been private or friends-only for years. (Thank goodness; I'd be embarassed if some of my whiny teenage drama were to resurface.)

I've made this new account on Dreamwidth for two reasons: to follow JMG and to post the occasional thoughts, story, etc. I think I'll take a pass on whiny thirtysomething drama; there's a reason I left Facebook.

It's a nice coincidence that just as JMG is making substantial changes in his online and offline life, a page is starting to turn in my own life. Perhaps I'll share some of it as a go along. There may not be a brighter future ahead for us collectively, but maybe I can let a little more of my own light shine.


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